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Clearview offer great support and the implementation team really know their stuff being able to use their experience and expertise to guide you through setting up the system. I believe they offer a full consultation where they take the board and exec team through the corporate planning process or offer a fast track approach where they populate using existing data. We took the latter approach. There is also a useful User Group which meets three times a year.

Senior Information Analyst

I can be absolutely 100% certain that all the things that we have to do are being done and all risks mitigated.

Chief Executive

Getting to grips with the reporting module has enabled us to generate very accessible, low maintenance reports that are shaped by how the data is interrogated at different meetings. It is 'live' and provides the viewers the opportunity to delve from an overview into more detailed views. It works well on tablets and users can navigate reports independently around the meeting table to suit their needs.

Business Support Manager